Lisbon Tunnelmen

Playing a Part in Connecticut, New York and base ball history! (See link to article in the New York Times)


       The Lisbon "Taft" Tunnel was carved out around 1837 for the Norwich-Worcester railroad. It was the first railroad tunnel in Connecticut and one of the first railroad tunnels built in the USA. It is the oldest railroad tunnel in the United States still in use today.

Vintage Base Ball, A Friendly Game

Tunnelmen Suffer First Defeat

The Lisbon Tunnelmen were handed their first defeat of the season against the Woodstock Hilltoppers.  After a convincing 30-3 victory in the first match, the Tunnelmen lost their rhythm and was dealt a spirited 9-8 loss in the second match.  A fine day was had by both teams as the weather was cooperative and some cranks made their way over to witness the matches.  The Tunnelmen look forward to future matches with the Hilltoppers!!

Newsflash, Taverners are now Tunnelmen!

Officially, the team formerly referenced as the Lyme Taverners have moved Northeast and will accept the moniker of Lisbon Tunnelmen.  Please contact site administrators with any questions.

Lisbon Tunnelmen move to 7-0!

The season has been an eventful one for the newly named Lisbon Tunnelmen (formerly the Lyme Taverners). The Tunnelmen secured two victories in two matches against the gentlemen of the Thames Base Ball Club.  The ball took more favorable bounces for the visitors than the home team as they departed New London with two victories.  The Tunnelmen are looking forward to upcoming matches with the Thames Nine in August and September. Huzzah to the men of the Thames Nine Base Ball Club.

Newsflash, Tunnelmen victorious in first match versus Mudville!

The Lisbon Tunnelmen (formerly the Lyme Taverners) secured a victory and a newfound kinship with the gentlemen of the Mudville Base Ball Club on a fine Saturday afternoon.  The ball took more helpful bounces for the visitors than the home team as they departed Holliston, Massachusetts with a 15-4 victory.  The Taverners are looking forward to hosting Mudville in August upon their debut with us in Connecticut. Huzzah to the men of the Mudville Base Ball Club!

Tunnelmen, Established 2012

The Lisbon Tunnelmen of Lisbon, Ct (formerly the Lyme Taverners of Niantic, Ct) were constructed during the winter of 2011/2012.  Some of the original Tunnelmen are former ball players from the former Waterbury, CT and Thames Nine teams of New London, Connecticut (Team Site). Our inaugural season was in 2012 and we look to celebrate our fine brand of base ball again in 2015 and beyond.  Lisbon is a small community nestled in northern New London county in Connecticut and is known for being the creators of a first railway tunnel.  The Tunnelmen prefer the brands of base ball played from 1861 - 1867 and upon request, may choose to participate in matches from other time periods.